Eeteuk shows the SM family love at Dream Concert backstage

Tanggal 22 kemarin, Teuk menguopload foto yang memperlihatkan ikatan kuat antara SM members di twitternya. Di foto itu Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee dan f(x) berpose bersama di belakang panggung DC.

Teuk menulis, “Dream concert~! The people I really love, Super Junior! SNSD! SHINee! f(x)! It was a time of happiness.. I love our family ♥ We are~~!!sm…town~~~~!!!”

Dia juga menulis, ”Our time of happiness~^^♥We call these people sm town!! We are ~~~~~~~~sm town!!!

Tak lupa Teuk juga mengucapkan terimakasihnya pada fans lewat twitternya, “A time we all became one..^^ I’m telling you, SM town is the best!!! It’s so beautiful since different colors have come together^^..Thank you for everyone who came!! You guys only made good memories..” and “Thank you for the event!!^^ You guys had a hard time with the rain!! You guys keep touching our hearts as a present for us so we must work harder^^ This isn’t a dream, it’s reality, right? ^^ Of course, Dream Concert!!!”

woowww…the colors…awesome! Amazing fans!! SJ=SJ….

*Update: Dream Concert tidak jadi tayang hari ini di SBS tetapi pada tanggal 30 Mei nanti. Inkigayo tetap tayang…



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