Kim Hyun Joong will leave SS501?

Leader SS501 ini sedang berada dalam dilema karena kontraknya bersama DSP akan segera berakhir tanggal 8 Juni nanti. Ada rumor yang mengatakan kalau Hyun Joong akan meninggalkan DSP dan SS501 untuk mengejar karir aktingnya.

Dan karena hubungannya yang sangat dekat dengan Hero Jaejoong, Hyun joong dikabarkan akan bergabung dalam manajemen Jaejoong, Mickey dan Xiah, bahkan rumor semakin kuat karena dikatakan kalau saat ini Hyun Joong sudah tinggal bersama dengan Jaejoong.

Selain itu karena beberapa waktu lalu Hyun Joong pernah bertemu dengan Bae Yong Joon yang juga memiliki sebuah manajemen artis, maka rumor lain beredar kalau Hyun Joong akan bergabung di manajemen Bae Yong Joon. Namun perwakilan Bae Yong Joon membantah dan mengatakan bahwa pertemuan itu hanya pertemuan pribadi dan bukan bisnis.

Hmmm….apakah Hyun Joong akan meninggalkan DSP dan SS501? Atau kontrak Hyun Joong akan diperpanjang? Entahlah kita tunggu kabarnya saja…


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  1. Posted by yola501 on May 6, 2010 at 3:47 am

    Don’t leave SS501 please…
    I luv SS501


  2. Posted by xxlmxx92 on May 7, 2010 at 11:15 am

    noooo… T_T


  3. Posted by ULTRASUPERKPOP on May 7, 2010 at 2:06 pm


    Have you heard of the incident caused by a Korean entertainment company responsible for the inhumane and ill management of a Korean idol?

    With contract renegotiations pending, there is a lot of unhesitant brutality especially when it comes to organizations dealing with Korean idols. In these cases, it is unfortunately common practice, that is deep-rooted, which results in a lot of corrupt, inhumane and predatory behaviors.

    The incident of January 18 is a perfect example.

    In Korean history, the name Chun, Doo-hwan is associated for causing much trauma & deep anger and is affiliated with a terrible dictatorship regime. Just the mention of his name to any Korean arouses anger and an unwillingness to forgive.

    However, a bright and promising young star, much loved by the public, was taken to attend the birthday party of this dictator by his own CEO, for his own personal gains. The CEO deliberately misled Korean idol, Hyunjoong Kim by claiming they would be going out to celebrate his own birthday but before that would be making a quick stop to say hello to some acquaintances. It was only after Hyunjoong Kim arrived at the venue location, he realized where and why he was there.

    The fact that a young star, loved by the nation, had attended a gathering for a much hated dictator and his followers immediately caught the attention of the press, so beginning a witch-hunt against the star and much rebuke from the nation.

    Although Hyunjoong gave his full and true account of how he came to be at the party to his fans, the rest of the nation, fueled by anger, chose to ignore the facts & truth and continued to focus on his mere appearance at the party for the dictator and the witch-hunt against Hyunjoong Kim only got bigger…

    For more than 3 days, portal sites were fully undersieged by public comments against Hyunjoong Kim and rather than protecting him, the main culprit responsible for instigating this incident went into hiding.

    In Korea especially, where an incident involving a star raises media speculation and close scrutiny, the affiliated entertainment company can request that all public comments be blocked to protect the stars. However, when fans asked the Korean portal site “Daum” whether such a request had been made by Hyunjoong Kim’s entertainment company DSP Ent, it was revealed that no such request had been made despite 3 days of abusive and brutal comments.

    When fans called the entertainment company to ask that they publish a press release detailing the real account of what happened and to protect Hyunjoong Kim, the entertainment company responded only by saying, “We have no intention of acting in the case of Hyunjoong Kim.”

    The reputation Hyunjoong Kim has built for 5 years as an “Idealistic/Responsible Star” has been destroyed in one morning. The entertainment company responsible for his collapse has little to say to the star and his fans. Not a single apology has been spoken.

    What does it mean to be a fan of a star?

    Does it mean to keep Hyunjoong as the leader of SS501 or maintain the status of the group when we know DSP will repeat manipulating the future career and image of Hyunjoong Kim as it proved by 1,18 incident? I do not think so.

    To be a true fan means to understand, support and respect whatever decision Hyunjoong makes regarding his future, and as a true fan, hope and wish that he is happy.


  4. Posted by angga on May 10, 2010 at 8:05 am

    No, U don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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